UV Light Therapy for Vitiligo


Hundreds of studies have been conducted demonstrating that phototherapy lamps are effective in treating Vitiligo as well as other skin conditions. Using UV light therapy is not new.  It has been around for many years.

However, more recent studies and modern technology has perfect the use of UV light rays to perfect the treatment.  The skin absorbs UVB light due to its unique wavelengths.  That energy influences the skin cells by energetically stimulating melanin production.

Normal sunlight has a negative effect on certain types of skin because it is “full spectrum” light and includes properties that are harmful to the skin.  You cannot isolate the beneficial rays of light when you use natural sunlight.

The UVB heat lamp isolates the positive rays—those that are beneficial to skin and allows anyone with an electrical source to utilize the positive benefits of UVB light.

Conventional UVB lamps are still too “broad spectrum” to be of benefit for Vitiligo sufferers.  They still emit the harmful shorter wavelengths that result in sunburn.  Consumers can now purchase “narrow band” UVB lamps which emit a very short range of wavelength. These narrow bands stay close within the therapeutic range.   So, the narrow band UVB lamp is the way to go for safe treatment of Vitiligo.

It is important to speak with your dermatologist about using UVB light to treat Vitiligo.  If your doctor is familiar with the treatment, he or she can give you a time schedule so that you can gradually increase exposure to the light over time.  You will be able to administer the treatment in the comfort of your own home.

It is important to note that UVB light is best used on the diseased areas of the body.  You will treat your skin for two weeks at a time, in very short periods of time.  You will begin with short, one minute sessions.  After two weeks, you will take a break and then begin again.  The length of time for the treatments and the breaks should be determined by your dermatologist.

It is very important to remember that UVB light can cause sunburn and even skin cancer.  That is why, UV light therapy for Vitiligo is used in very short, brief periods, just to stimulate healing.  And, once again, consult your dermatologist before beginning/using UVB light therapy to treat Vitiligo.

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